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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to OGFit Love University

    2. Start HERE --> WELCOME TO OGFIT LOVE University Mentorship

    3. Mindset Mantra Motto Manifestor--->Affirmation Creation Contract Audio

    4. Google Sheets — OGFit Student Checklist for Fat Burn Automation - Google Sheets

    5. Congratulations and Welcome to OGFit!

    6. Sunday Check IN and TTT Link

    7. Personality Test for Quality Assurance

    8. Checklist for BEST results in your first few days

    9. Class One Module One Knowledge Fitness Academy

    10. Meditation State Change OGFit

    11. Day 2 Fitness Knowledge Academy

    12. Day 3 Metric 2.0 Knowledge Fitness Academy

    13. Day 2.1 Knowledge Fitness Academy

    14. Day 3 Metric 2.0 Knowledge Fitness Academy

    15. Sleep Science- balance hormones to feel 10 years younger!

    16. Sleep science part 2

    17. Euphoric Life and Success Science Curriculum

    18. Day 2 of The Euphoric Life

    19. Day 3 of The Euphoric Life

    20. The JOY MASTER KEY Bonus Audio To Aid With Your Goal and Focus! EnJOY!

    21. One Minute Peak Performance Video To Get You Focused and FULL OF ENERGY

    1. OGFit Mentorship Level One Training

    2. Squat Test with Hindu Squats (Bethawk), Effective workout with One Exercise!

    3. The OG Five in the Master Class

    4. Beginner 10 minute home workout for Mom and Dad

    5. Workout for Beginners in 10 min. (part 2)

    6. Workout Video - Laying down, super simple no equipment workout

    7. Blessed Workout Ever in 10 minutes

    8. OG Workout- 10 minutes of freedom in the morning before breakfast

    9. Push up Progression

    10. Workout Video - Progression not Perfection

    11. Super Brain Energy Boost Workout

    12. 4 Activities to Create Hyper Metabolism - Includes KNEE REHAB

    13. I Got Yo'Back - REHAB 4 your back

    14. RPE (Rate of Percieved Exersion) and Calorie Burn Per Hour/Activity

    1. Workout Video- Next Level Agility and Strength with no Equipment

    2. Create Super Leg Strength with a 10- minute Strategy

    3. Increase performance 5 fold with 5 repetitions of these exercises(1)

    4. Workout Video - Simple 5 with Affirmations

    5. 20 Squats in 10 min- with the 5 second rule

    6. 20 Different Push Ups in 10 Minutes

    7. Double back strength and flexibility in days - Super Back Workout

    8. The MOST effective Stretching and cool-down in 10

    9. Progression to the Perfect Squat

    10. Feel great in 10 minutes and get ripped

    11. Core, Cardio, and Mobility

    12. Super Strength with the OG5

    1. Affirmations To Get You to Your Goal and Dream Outcome

    2. How to Be Five Times More Productive and Calibrate Your Day for JOY!

    3. This one thought will lead to Success that you thought was impossible!(1)

    4. The Key to Motivation vs Being Lazy

    5. Own your Happiness by Owning your Feelings

    6. You are Amazing, How to Feel Amazing Everyday!

    7. Learn The Secrets of The Super Fit

    8. Join OGFit and Get FIT

    9. Meditation State Change OGFit

    10. Motivation Exercise

    11. Action Steps Quiz for Productivity and Happiness

    12. 33 Plus Human Needs Exercise

    13. 50 Ways Moving Will Save Your Life and Get You Happy

    1. (Free) FAST Track Food Success

    2. Zero Ability to Hero Ability- Perception - Supreme Lessons in Nutrition 1

    3. Professional Affiliations - Supreme Lessons (2) in Nutrition - How to Eat

    4. The KEY to Success is Consistency - 3 - Supreme Lessons in Nutrition- How to Eat

    5. Psychology 101 for Serious Results - Supreme Lessons (4) in Nutrition - How to Eat

    6. Calorie Hack 101 - Supreme Lessons in Nutrition - Part 5 - How to Eat

    7. Diabetes Hack 101 - Supreme Lessons in Nutrition - 6 - How to Eat

    8. Code 007 - Contraction Crisis Can Not Move- 7 - Sepreme Lessons in Nutrition

    9. Hunger Games Solved vs Empty Calories - Lesson 8 in Supreme Lessons in Nutrition

    10. Calorie Hack 2.0 - Super Hero Super Size Me Serving Sizes - Lesson 9 Supreme Lessons in Nutrition

    11. Energy Hack 101 Water in the Diet - Lesson 10 in Supreme Lessons in Nutrition

    12. 5 Plus Science - The Clinically Proven way to Prevent Disease with a Simple Habit

    13. Nutrition Secrets in 10 Minutes

    14. Lose 20 Pounds in Days!

    15. Super Health Documentary List!

    16. Meditation State Change OGFit

    17. Binge Eating Prevention with Your ALTER EGO!

    18. "Fast Food: recipe- Delish!

    19. Protein Needs for Weight loss, Heart Health, and Atheletes (Calculations)

    20. CC Concentrated Calories and Caloires of Common Foods

    21. 99 Reasons To Exercise

    22. Triggers, Bondage, and Rewards for HEALTH

    23. 100 Reasons to Workout, Exercise, and BE Active!

    24. Cognitive Behavior Therepy CBT Worksheet

    1. Sugar Truth - How to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes.

    2. “Manage”, Prevent, and Reverse Diabetes

    3. Blood pressure- Let it go! Clinically proven methods to reduce high blood pressure(1)

    4. Eliminate Stress and Create Eustress (Good Stress)

    5. Financial Wellness

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Testimonials for OGFit

“15 Years of Back pain, even hospitalized over it at times. OTC meds daily. I've not taken anything for 3 days now, doesn't sound big, but it is"”

Allison Clark

“"Man just doing the squat test is making me realize how much I’m in need of this program. This is going to get me in peak shape to perform musically! Those tests are a fresh way to start out. Feeling motivated to raise those numbers. Reading the 10 assets now, & WOW brother, this is AMAZING! Thank you so much for inviting me to do this. Feels life changing already". ”

Calëb Mīchå Ėl

““I have never seen it before and I was shocked... After 3 classes that were hours each, you were still working out with the students with full energy, I would have been tired after the first class and you kept your energy the whole time. You were on an entirely different level with them- to transmit. I have never seen it before and I was shocked. In 15 years as a head coach in University, you were the top 3 professors to improve the lives of students. The other 2 were twice your age and had 10 years of military experience””

Louis From Broward College

““I did the exercises and I loved the presentation. As for my body, I felt good to jump up and down and stretching. I was sweating in 2 seconds and it felt good to move around. I love your message and I love the way you deliver it. It’s 10 minutes of pure encouragement everyone needs the encouragement and I can see how that could trickle into everything that you do and how you treat others. Keep it up,a lot of the things you say and how you say it makes the viewer feel like you are talking to a friend. I know that’s the case with us but you are very friendly and your enthusiasm is infectious. 🙏🏼🤘🏼✌🏼”

Paul From Connecticut

“ "I am shocked at how much benefit I receive from 10 minutes. I feel so much stronger within 9 days of starting this program. I Love the bits of insight in the book, the inspiration is amazing!. ”

Pam From Ireland

“ "My name is Lisa and I could not have been paired up with a better trainer. When we started training together I was considered obese yet Keith never treated me that way. He designed workouts that I was physically able to do yet pushed me to my limits. Even though I was pushed to my limits physically, could not do another rep if I tried, I was never sore the day after. He is always positive and encouraging. Keith is also great at explaining which muscles you are working and how it is impacting your body. While working out we also discuss nutrition, as well other aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend Keith as a trainer to anyone who is willing to do the work it takes to get healthier".”

Lisa from FL

“ "I enjoy The Natural Health Program. It suits me well. I love to exercise outdoors as well having fun when doing it. It brings my body a life again and when it is done I want to do more, that is how fast it feels to do it". ”

Laura Viana

“5.0 out of 5 stars Better than a nutrition book! Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2022 Not only does he lay it all out how to change your eating but includes so much more! Such a quick and excellent read with very valuable information. May I recommend you read it first and then do what I am going to do, read it again slowly to apply it. I have always been goal oriented but he takes it to a higher more efficient level that excited me instantly! I am going to keep a journal on this activity because I believe I will see results faster if I do and I love seeing positive results, don't you! ”

George M Howell

“5.0 out of 5 stars Quick read hours to digest Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2022 This man's passion comes out in the simplicity and easily understood directions. Check it out, you are worthy and you are amazing! This knowledge will carry you for the rest of your long life! ”

matt mccullough

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Dr. Keith Lopez

Keith has a obsession with Health and Fitness since he recovered from consistent sickness and lack of energy in his teenage years. He has trained trainers for over a decade after getting his bachelors of science in exercise. He then earned a Masters in Nutrition and taught in University for another decade. He then earned a Doctorate in Natural Health and Nutrition and now offers his wisdom in OGFit Love University dedicated to his Son JAI OM, and his Father Dr. Juan Lopez. This is his legacy of How to Get Super Fit in 10 Minutes with No Gym.